VoIP Telephone Solutions

We build phone systems…

When we say ‘we build phone systems’, we really mean that we have the skill and experience to build global, multi homed, cross boarder voice systems that can merge carriers in a useful way for people.

Keep Your Phone Number!

We can move your phone numbers with you, no matter where you go.

We can make calls ring where you need them.  If you’re moving and need them on mobile, no problem.

Identify Is Important…

More and more often, people just don’t answer the phone if they don’t get a sensible ‘Caller ID’ showing up on their handset.

We work to ensure that when you call, your identify is shown in a meaningful way so that the people you’re calling can identify you.

Call Path Is Also Important…

Some calls need to come back to you, but some don’t.

For example, if you’ve got a temp making out bound calls to follow up unpaid bills, you don’t want people calling them back while they’re trying to make more outbound calls.  You want that call to go directly to your accounts department.

Numbers Are Important…  But so is answering the phone!

More and more people just hate ‘Automated Attendants’ and would sooner have dedicated numbers for the different departments in your organisation.

The down side of a dedicated number is smaller teams to take calls and what to do with overload.  Our systems let you control and track calls around your organisation.

We can provide 0800 numbers for your departments too, so your callers can call in directly at your cost rather than theirs.

Voice Mail Can Be Expensive…  We love emails!

Mobile voice mail can be expensive and very limited.  Missing calls is annoying but having to dial into Voice Mail is time consuming.

Our systems let you have voice mail messages delivered to your phone via email.  This means you can forward messages to others for action while also keeping a record of your messages which can be backed up in your email system.