Our Projects

Current Stuff

We’ve built so much stuff over the last three decades that it’s just getting hard to list it all!


At present we’re really pasionate about getting Internet service delivered to those ‘hard to reach people’.

We built three proof of concept networks just to understand the technologies, market place and global community of partners who are also interested in this massive problem.


We built Think Design Print over a decade ago to give us resources to produce content on paper and the internet.


We’re part of the global GPLHost support team.  We host servers for GPLHost as well and providing customer support to the groups customers.


Growing up, we were taught about New Zealanders (Kiwi’s) having a “Can Do Attitude”.

“I am a can do Kiwi NZ” is a web site built to share stories about exciting New Zealand projects and drive Kiwi’s to think about our roots in the world.

Future Projects

Here’s just a few of the dreams we have on the horizon at present.


The concept of the internet is “Packets of Data” Bouncing from point to point until they get to where they’re intended.  25 years ago the global community mission was to push the Internet out to the world via the telephone companies.

Telco’s build ‘star’ networks, not ‘web’ networks.

The dream of ‘Bounce’ is to create a ‘vehicle’ that people can take part in, to grow a better understanding of the need for ‘web’ networks v’s traditional ‘stars’.


Building “Internet Power Houses” is not smart telecommunications strategy.


Past Projects

Chase Skills  – Chase Performance – SEMS