Our Partners

We build businesses too.  We’re passionate about entrepreneurship, building relationships and making concepts migrate from idea to functional systems.

We do this with business partners.  Here’s just a few of our key partners.

Think Design Print

We built Think Design Print to allow us to put content on paper and the internet for people.  Our print company has a decade of resources with skills to either print or project manage your projects.

We can do specialty, customised, data integrated printing with computer readable content such as QR and bar codes.

With an understanding of paper and technology we ensure a fictional outcome that presents a quality outlook on a sensible budget.

YourNet Limited

YourNet was built to prove that people can deliver internet access and it’s not just the domain of the geeks in the massive telcos.  In the past 5 years we’ve built three research networks to understand emerging technologies.

We have our own data center based in Christchurch which operates as a base for one of our three suburban wide internet networks.

The YourNet passion…

The ‘digital divide’ is sadly growing and we know that it has to be arrested.  Many people speculate about how this can be done, we just do it.

We built a hosting network so we have ‘something to sell’ to fund our ongoing network development.

GPLHost Networks

We partner with GPLHost Networks to give us a global reach and access to internet resources.  GPLHost has equipment in 12 data centers around the world including our own ‘YourNet’ Christchurch data center.